As you know, it can be very scary when trying to decide who will help you with selling the largest investment of your life. Fortunately I have had the pleasure of helping many people through this process! Since you don’t know me, I thought that it might be helpful to you if I was to give you some feedback from my incredible clients that I now consider to be my friends! I am so happy to be able to share their thoughts with you. Thanks so much for taking the time to read through these! I hope that they will enlighten you!

“Professional, accommodating, interested, reliable.” Julie Ann Phillips 18/12/2019

“Absolute dedication and commitment with assisting me on my journey for looking for my first home.” Danielle Marie Fortin 13/12/2019

“Keen, professional, detailed, tireless, a hugger, ability’s to read upside down, great eye for room decor staging, a hugger (Or did I say that already?) honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable, helpful, a hugger,” Edward James Enns 11/10/2019

“Cheryl was outstanding! She responded to voicemail and text messages quickly and always answered all my questions. I was very impressed with Cheryl and would use her services again if required.”  Deborah Abbott 23/09/2019

“Friendly, welcoming, attentive to our needs, very helpful, reliable, personable. While away on the long weekend Cheryl still provided us with assistance. I can not recommend her enough for all the work she put in with us. I never want to move again, but would request Cheryl come out of retirement if needed so that she could help us again.” Sheila Elizabeth Kozanecki 10/09/2019

“Cheryl is a wonderful person. She gets back to you very quickly with answers to your questions.” Olsen John Massey 15/09/2019

“Knowledgeable and professional!” 13/09/2019

“very friendly very knowledgeable very helpful always available to talk to ” Leonard Sikking 06/06/2019

“Cheryl Buis in a word is AWESOME – she’s everything you want in an agent – honest, caring, always available and really does want what’s best for her clients.” Melanie Jane Jackson 04/06/2019

“Professional, goes beyond call of duty, attentive to all my needs and questions, thorough, trustworthy, strives for excellence, pleasure to work with…thank you cheryl!! ” Laurie Elizabeth McGinn 25/04/2019

“She’s the best!!!!!! Super Cheryl went above and beyond for us as usual! ” 15/03/2019

“Always thorough. ” Jeffrey Steven Vermaas 01/02/2019

“Prompt, professional and friendly” Stephanie Jill Vermaas 01/02/2019

“Tireless” Jeffrey Steven Vermaas 18/01/2019

“Our agent is friendlu and professional. She is attentive to our needs and very supportive. I have referred two coworkers to her in the past month alone.” Stephanie Jill Vermaas 17/01/2019

“The best!” Ashley Marie Williams 14/12/2018

“Professional knowledgeable helpful thorough Had my best interests at heart” Laurie Elizabeth McGinn 11/10/2018

“Cheryl was absolutely amazing in every way! She made the whole process such a breeze for our family and was always going above and beyond. I would recommend her to everyone!”  Heather Ellen Gayle Brown 29/10/2018

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